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About Us

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Our story

The Aawaz is establish by Mr. Shyam Sundar (Consultant Audiologist & Speech Voice and Language Therapist) in the year 2013. Now Aawaz is successfully running 5 years in the supervision of Mr Deepak Kumar.For this period, this clinic get recover numbers of speech and hearing aids problems.Thus finally Aawaz become a reputed clinic in ballabgarh.

Aawaz Speech and Hearing Clinic is run by professionals with the latest know-how and advanced technology. The Clinic offers timely diagnosis and remedy for every speech, language and communication disorder. It provides speech and hearing solutions that bring back the joy of sound to those with hearing loss or speech-language impairment.

The Audiology Department is specially constructed with sound-proof setting with the most modern technology to assess hearing problems. It is equipped with computerized diagnostic audiometer and middle ear analyzer for evaluating hearing function. Hearing impairment can be easily corrected with our expertise and experience. Today, the hearing aid and the concept of ‘hearing aid fitting’ has advanced a great deal, providing customized solutions to each individual’s needs.

The Clinic would regularly conduct Hearing Screening Programmes to screen pre-primary children for hearing loss/impairment. Those children identified to have hearing loss will be further evaluated to confirm the possible type and pattern of hearing loss and then enrolled into early intervention programmes , so as to enable them to acquire proper speech and language skills . These interventions would eventually enable early integration of such children into the mainstream. The Clinic would be conducting screening camps for the geriatrics and also for those in village areas to check the presence of hearing problems. Awareness and training programmes would be offered to parents who want to learn how to manage and facilitate their children’s speech and language development at home.

The mission of aawaz speech and hearing center is imparted the knowledge about hearing and speech problem to everyone. The mission of Aawaz is to checkup everyone who has affected by hearing aid and speech impaired in Ballabgarh Faridabad area. For this the Doctor of Aawaz is organised camp into different village and do free check up of the peoples in village. Aawaz is other concept is to social welfare for eveyone that why they give also suggestion for those who impaired and problematic with the problem of speech and hearing. In Faridabad Aawaz has been going through fastly and No. 1 Clinic in the regariding of hearing and speech problems.In Future Aawaz decide to get rid everyone from the problem of hearing and speech. The free camp organised by Aawaz in every village areas is the example of social welfare for the people.