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Age :

Age related degeneration of middle ear, inner ear and nerves that are responsible for hearing are main cause of hearing loss.

Disease :

Measles, mumps or any other such type of viral infection, along with diseases like Meniere’s syndrome, tumors of the hearing nerve and meningitis are the second largest reason for hearing loss.

Drugs :

There are certain drugs that are known to hamper the functionality of hair cells present in the inner ear; causing hearing loss. Quinine, aminoglycosides, aspirin are some of such drugs that can trigger hearing loss.

Infections :

Otitis media is a condition that causes formation of fluid in the middle ear. This fluid hampers hearing to a great extent and can be triggered due to sore throat and inflamed tonsils.

Malformation :

If the outer ear or the ear canal is malformed; then it causes acute hearing loss.

Noise :

Excessive noise pollution or if exposed to loud noise for a long period of time, then such exposure can cause permanent hearing loss.

Perforation :

Drastic change in the air pressure over the eardrums in comparison to the air pressure maintained in the inner ear; such as during adventure sports like paragliding or scuba diving; there are chances of perforation of eardrums, resulting in hearing loss.

Wax :

Ear canal, if is blocked due to Wax buildup, then it stops sound to travel towards the inner ear and thus can also cause hearing loss. However, such type of hearing loss can be easily treated with proper medical attention and personal hygiene.

The main cause of hearing loss is something we all have to come to terms with – our age. However, it can also be a result from disease,trauma or long-term exposure to damaging noise.

Can hearing Loss Be Cured By Drugs or Surgery ?

At the moment, some hearing losses can be treated by either drugs or surgery. Most people with hearing difficulties find that a hearing aid recommended by a Hearing Aid Audiologist will improve their hearing.