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How our ear functions and how brain receives and perceives sound impulses hold the key to better understanding of hearing and hearing loss. The process of hearing starts with a properly functional outer ear that collects the sound waves emitted from a source and passes it through ear canal to the eardrum. The impact of sound waves on the eardrum creates vibration, which further results in movement of three bones located in the middle ear.

The movement of the bones, especially of stapes, which is also the smallest of the three, results in vibration of the oval window situated between middle and the inner ear. This vibration impacts the fluid in the inner ear which further transmits the signals to cochlea, the organ which is responsible for hearing.

The vibration of the fluid inside the inner ear bends the hair cells that act as receptors. The bending of these cells triggers impulses that are transmitted to the brain through auditory nerves. Brain on receiving the impulse translates into the sound and comprehends it for further processes.