Special Education

  • Special Education

    Special Education is a branch of education which studies about individuals who have problems or special talents in thinking,seeing,hearing,speaking and socializing. The major goal of special education is to develop and utilize the maximum potential of children with special needs and empowering their lives. Its scope is very wide and it provides several types of services and trainingprograms from Early intervention to Vocational Placement.

    Special education program are individualized instructional program, which the child current level of functioning provides the basis for identifying teaching methods and materials, suited to each child. The task of teaching is to be carefully analyzed and sequenced. An attempt is made that every child reaches his/her optimum potential and attains an independent level of functioning.

    Main Features of Special Education

    • It provides unique needs of each child
    • It provides individual attention to each child
    • It develops basic living skills for personal independence
    • It provides a structured learning programmed for the child in accord with these deficits skills.
    • It enables the child to gain social, emotional and intellectual development.
    • It provides a variety of experiences to the child according to age and IQ level.


    Treatment addresses

    • Cognitive Rehabilitation
    • Gross motor and fine motor skills
    • Communication(Receptive & Expressive)
    • Socio-emotional development
    • Developing ADL & Self-care skills
    • Vocational job training.