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Conductive hearing loss:

This type of hearing loss is directly associated with inability of or malfunctioning of outer or middle ear. In this condition, either outer ear or middle ear or both, fails to collect and carry forward the sound waves emitted from a source. This condition, in most of the cases is treatable; however, the method of treatment depends upon the actual problem. In maximum cases of conductive hearing loss, depositions of wax in the ear canal or fluid build up behind the eardrum are the prime reasons. However, in some of the cases, it is also caused due to disrupted bones of the middle ear or due to disrupted ear drums.

Sensory hearing loss:

Deformity of Cochlea, degeneration of inner air due to aging, infection, meniers disease, exposure to excessive noise and genetic syndrome are the main reasons that cause sensory hearing loss. The treatment procedure of this condition is not easily possible either through medicine or surgery.

Neural hearing loss:

If there is considerable damage of hearing nerves or the part of nervous system that is responsible for hearing has been damaged then such cases fall under the category of neural hearing loss.

Mixed Hearing Loss:

When a person is suffering from conditions like Otosclerosis then it causes damage to both middle and inner ear and also to the neural system of ear. Such patients are said to be suffering from mixed hearing loss.