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What Are Digital Hearing Aids ?

A digital hearing aid is a hearing aid device that receives sound and digitizes it ( breaks sound waves up into very small, discrete units ) prior to amplification. A traditional analog hearing aid simply makes the sound wave larger to amplify sounds. Digital hearing aid technology equipped aids are comfortable and gives you 100% benefits. In Other we can say A hearing aid is an electronic, battery-operated device that amplifies sound. Each hearing aid contains a microphone that converts sound into electrical signals. The amplifier increases the loudness of individual frequencies and the speaker sends the sound to the ear.

The analogue hearing aids makes the sound louder, so better to go for Digital hearing aid technology based ones. The most sophisticated digital hearing aids have built in intelligence that allows them to discern between soft, but desirable sounds, and louder, but unwanted noise. Such devices can amplify the former, while neutralizing the latter for better performance in a variety of environments. A digital hearing aid can be programmed to adjust itself to the current environment millions of times each second. Digital technology also makes it possible for technicians to create customized programs that address each individual’s specific hearing difficulties.

Home Service Available An analog hearing aid employs miniature devices, such as microphones, amplifier s, and resistor s to alter an acoustic signal (a sound) electronically. The altered signal is then converted back to a sound wave and played into the ear canal. A digital hearing aid also uses a microphone, but a microprocessor performs most of the device’s functions digitally. Because the signal is represented as a series of numbers, it can be quickly and accurately altered.

What Is The Difference Between Analogue Hearing Aids & Digital Hearing Aids?

Old analogue types of hearing aid tend to suffer from whistling feedback and distorted noise. Some people who wear this type of aid find that they cannot hear conversations when there is any background noise. With a digital hearing aid, these problems are minimised and in some situations, solved together. Unlike an analogue aid a digital hearing aid contains a tiny computer which processes sound very precisely. This type of aid can continuously modify sound to match the user’s hearing profile, helping improve the ability to understand speech, even in background noise.