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Hearing loss is when your ability to hear is reduced. A hearing loss makes it more difficult for you to hear speech and other sounds. The most common causes of hearing loss are noise and ageing. In most cases a hearing loss cannot be cured. Hearing loss, or hearing impairment happens when there is a problem with one or more parts of the ear or ears, the nerves coming from the ears, or the part of the brain that controls hearing.

Hearing loss is different in every person. People also may use the words deaf, deafness, or hard of hearing when they’re talking about hearing loss. Actually in other words we can say Hearing loss is a loss of the loudness or clarity of sounds. Most people have had temporary hearing loss at least once in their lives.

ILL Effects Of Hearing Loss ?

Hearing loss can affect a person in three main ways:

  • Fewer educational and job opportunities due to impaired communication.
  • Social withdrawal due to reduced access to services and difficulties communicating with others.
  • Emotional problems caused by a drop in self-esteem and confidence.